Our Story

There are four groups that make up the Safety Department: the Ski Patrol, the Mountain Safety Team, the Park and Pipe Crew and the First Aid Clinic staff. These groups work together with a very similar focus, to make each guest experience at Whitetail the best it can be, to prevent accidents and care for those guests who may become injured or ill. Though each part of the department may be more directly involved with one aspect than another, each group is an important part of the Safety Department, as well as the Whitetail Team. The majority of the Safety Department staff members are volunteers who have made a commitment to spend a portion of their time at Whitetail assisting in the operation of the resort. Volunteers are rewarded for this commitment through the satisfaction of being able to help others, the sense of camaraderie felt in being part of the Whitetail Team, and various perks and benefits available to volunteer staff. There are a limited number of paid positions as Ski Patrollers, Park and Pipe Crew and First Aid Clinic staff


The Ski Patrol’s primary focus is to provide rescue and first aid care to those who are injured or become sick while visiting Whitetail. All Ski Patrollers are trained to National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergency Care standards. Ski Patrollers must be competent skiers or snowboarders, capable of descending all of the terrain at Whitetail with a rescue sled in tow. Outdoor Emergency Care training and sled handling training are provided to those Ski Patrol candidates that pass regularly scheduled ski/snowboard evaluations. The Whitetail Ski Patrol (WSP) is affiliated with the National Ski Patrol (NSP). If interested in joining the Patrol, check out our Join the Patrol page.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Whitetail Ski Patrol is governed by the following Principles:

  • Render emergency medical care to persons sustaining accidents or sudden illness.
  • Train patrollers to make them ready to render emergency medical care.
  • Promote public safety in snow sports to prevent accidents wherever practical.
  • Participate in and contribute to various activities that support the Patrol's well being, that make the Patrol viable, and keeps its commitments to the above principles.

Mountain Safety Team

The Mountain Safety Team is responsible for promoting, educating, and enforcing snow sport safety throughout the resort. They provide these services to the guests of Whitetail in a highly visible, friendly, courteous and professional manner. Their presence communicates Whitetail's commitment to safe skiing and snowboarding. They must be mature individuals capable of interacting positively with Whitetail guests in a wide variety of situations. Safety Team Members are volunteers and like the Ski Patrol must pass a ski/snowboard evaluation to demonstrate their competence on all of Whitetails Terrain. They also must participate in annual training in a variety of safety related activities.


The Whitetail First Aid Clinic is staffed during operating hours by first aid providers that possess a wide diversity of qualifications and experience. Many are physicians, paramedics, EMT’s, nurses, and first responders. Skiing or snowboarding skills are not required to become a member of this group however possession of the appropriate current credentials is. Those interested in joining the First Aid Clinic Staff must possess valid and current certification to provide First Aid care and if selected must attend a required orientation.

Park and Pipe

The Park and Pipe Crew is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the features in the Whitetail Terrain Park. These crew members assist our guests to assure this area is challenging and fun, but above all-safe. There are both paid and volunteer opportunities on the Park and Pipe Crew. Those interested in these positions must have exceptional skiing/snowboarding skills and should possess experience in the use and maintenance of terrain park features.